Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is a natural tourism Bali site that offers a stunning waterfall vista. It is located near Banjar Bangun Lebah Kawan in Apuan Village, Bangli Regency. Tibumana Waterfall is a tourist attraction that is usually quiet and rarely seen by visitors due to its slightly concealed and poorly known location. We’ve included information on these locations in the hope that it will be useful to you when looking for incredible natural wonders. This tourist attraction may appeal to those looking for a different experience from the majority of Bali vacations. Tibumana Waterfall has long been a popular tourist site for those looking for a breathtaking view.

Things To Know Before Visit Tibumana Waterfall

The location of Tibumana Waterfall is located on Jl. Setra Agung, Apuan, Kec. Susut, Bangli Regency, Bali 80661. If you drive from Kuta or Seminyak, it will take about 2 hours to drive a car and motorbike, and if you want to explore on your own, it is better to use the help of Google Maps to reach the location of this Tibumana Waterfall. A long journey to see the beauty of the Tibumana Waterfall which is still very natural with its own uniqueness makes this a very popular tourist destination. If you don’t want to bother driving yourself, we from Bali Tour have prepared a Hire Car and Driver program that you can use to get to the location, at a low price and of course the services we provide will make your trip very enjoyable . Enjoy the beauty of this Tibumana waterfall during your vacation on this beloved island of Bali

In the past, the existence of Tibumana Waterfall itself was not realized by the predecessors of the Bangun Lemah Kawan Traditional Village. So the villagers gave the name Tibu Tan Hana Waterfall. The meaning of the word ‘Tibu’ means a large pool of water, while ‘Tan Hana’ means invisible. Because in the past the waterfall area was covered by trees, and villagers only listened to the sound of the waterfall without being able to see it directly. And over time the name of this waterfall is better known as Tibumana Waterfall, because it is easier to pronounce, it is more often called Tibumana, where in this waterfall there is a water trough that is quite deep. there is a holding pool (trough) where the water falls quite deep and is dangerous because the whirlpool below is quite strong, so it can suck people who swim down, so the local community forbids bathing here. But you are allowed to visit and take photos of the beauty of this waterfall. The name of this waterfall is in accordance with the one here, namely the water trough which is quite deep, so if you want to bathe here, it should only be from the edge and not in or in the middle, because there is a water trough that is quite deep, so it is very dangerous if it is sucked into the manger . You can enjoy taking pictures with the background of this very beautiful waterfall and of course the photos produced are very instagramable with the natural scenery around which is still very natural at all will make the scenery even more enchanting

As for this waterfall, it has existed from time immemorial and its existence is very hidden, because there is no access road to get to this waterfall, and around the waterfall is very dense so that from the outside you will not be able to see this waterfall, and look at it from a certain angle. certain so that the waterfall looks even though a little is visible. Even when the sound of falling water was loud, so this waterfall was formerly called Tibu Tan Hana Waterfall. And since Instagram tourism has become booming, many waterfall tours have sprung up, the local village agreed to make this waterfall one of the waterfall tourist destinations, so they worked together to make access to the waterfall by venturing into the forest and making stairs leading down, so that this waterfall can be accessed by tourists. It is very suitable as the name implies, namely Hidden Waterfall because long ago this waterfall was indeed a very hidden location, so it is not wrong to call it Bali Hidden Waterfall. Since the opening of the Tibumana Waterfall as a tourist destination, the enthusiasm of tourists has become very lively and many tourists come here to see the uniqueness and beauty of this Hidden Waterfall. So if you like waterfalls, then Tibumana waterfall is very mandatory for you to visit, because it is relatively new and not so crowded it will make a tourist visit here more enjoyable.

Like other waterfall tourist destinations where going to the waterfall location you need to travel a fairly tiring distance, for those of you who are not strong enough to walk, maybe this tourist destination is not suitable, but for those of you who really like walking, this Tibumana waterfall tourist destination is perfect for you.. The pathway to this waterfall is quite difficult, because it is far inside and to get there via a path, and it is hoped that those of you who have good stamina to visit this place because the difficult terrain will be very tiring on the way. But it is very suitable with access that is difficult to pass you can see the beauty of nature that is very beautiful, where the sound of the gurgling water seems to evoke the spirit of adventure and nature lovers, with green plants around the waterfall adding to the beauty of nature that seems to make you feel like you are in nature. So don’t be surprised if tourists call this Tibumana waterfall as Hidden and Beautiful Waterfall, because of its hidden location and offers the charm of incomparably beautiful natural beauty that will amaze you.

Tibumana Waterfall has its own uniqueness that distinguishes it from other waterfall tourist destinations, this uniqueness makes it very popular among foreign and domestic tourists, who are looking for waterfalls with a very different feel from other tourist destinations. A very impressive experience when spending a vacation on the island of Bali by visiting one of the hidden waterfalls that is so enchanting that it will complete your vacation, honeymoon and on the island of Bali and feel the natural atmosphere that is so beautiful like you are in a hidden forest with gurgling sounds water that accompanies you. As for the uniqueness of the Tibumana waterfall, we have summarized it, so that it will make you understand the advantages of this Tibumana waterfall among other waterfalls.

  1. Height: The height of the Tibumana waterfall is about 20 meters from the cliff above the fall of the water to the water pool below, including quite high compared to other waterfall tours, with a high waterfall making the water fall in the pool releasing very melodious voice. A very spectacular sight seeing the hidden beauty of the Tibumana waterfall in your adventure on the island of Bali.
  2. Cave: Behind the waterfall dibumana there is a cave that according to local residents the cave behind penetrates into the Goa Raja Temple in Besakih, but that is just speculation because no one has ever proven it and no one has dared to enter the cave. This cave is a decoration of the hidden waterfall Tibumana which is very beautiful to the eye and adds to the artistic value of the photos produced here, very instagramable.
  3. Nature View: Another unique thing is the scenery around which is still very natural, around the cliffs of the waterfall overgrown with green plants and moss which makes the feel of the scenery seem very natural. In addition, around this waterfall there are many trees that are still very green and very natural which makes the atmosphere fresh and pleasing to the eye, for nature lovers, this nuance is a hidden paradise
  4. Twin Waterfall: Another uniqueness that it has is the twin waterfall and this happens if the water discharge in this waterfall is very heavy and the water discharge will be split into two parts, left and right, as if it looks like branching and also looks like twin waterfalls that are falling. releasing water in one waterfall, but this phenomenon is very rare, and only occurs if the water discharge here is so large that it makes this waterfall into two streams.

As for going to Tibumana Waterfall, you can explore yourself by using the help of Google Maps to get to this location, or you can also use Bali Car Charter transportation rental services which you can use to get to the location of this hidden waterfall, using a private car. only for you and not combined with other tourists will make the trip more flexible, and also accompanied by a friendly and experienced driver will make the trip to this waterfall tour very enjoyable. Or if you want to visit other waterfall tourist destinations that are also around this place, maybe you can take this Bali Waterfall Tour package which visits the Hidden Tibumana Waterfall and also other waterfalls around such as Tukad Cepung Waterfall and also visit Kanto Lampo Waterfall and visit Tegenungan Waterfall, so in one day you will visit 4 waterfalls, the tour is very suitable for lovers of waterfall tourism, but if you are not strong enough to walk far, then this Bali waterfall tour is not suitable, because it will be very tiring body and drain stamina to reach each location of the waterfalls around this place

The facilities at the Tibumana Waterfall are quite adequate, even though they have just been introduced and have become booming among foreign and domestic tourists, and the administrators at Tibumana Waterfall have swiftly and quickly prepared facilities that support tourists to visit Tibumana, which is expected that later guests will feel at home and feel comfortable. comfortable to linger at this location. From the large parking lot, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, the existence of very important toilet facilities that will make tourists not confused when looking for toilets, the existence of small shop facilities that sell snacks and cold drinks will make tourists feel at home in the area. In exploring the hidden beauty of the Tibumana Waterfall, there is a dressing room that you can use if you want to change clothes to soak in this waterfall. Those are some of the facilities that are very supportive and will make tourists no longer hesitate in visiting this Tibumana hidden waterfall. If you happen to be in Bali, it would be nice to visit the Tibumana Waterfall tourist destination and complete your vacation by seeing the hidden beauty of this waterfall

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