Hidden Canyon Guwang

Another remarkable natural tourism destination in Bali that is seldom known by tourists is the canyon in Guwang Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati is how foreign tourists refer to a hidden canyon. Canyon (Canyon = English) is a steep and narrow valley with rocky slopes caused by river water erosion, lending a beautiful image to each of the cliff walls along the Beji Guwang river.

Things To Know Before Visit Guwang Hidden Canyon

The existence or history of the canyon on the Guwang river (Beji in Balinese means a river that is considered sacred) dates back a long time. As a result of natural river flow erosion for hundreds or even thousands of years it has formed a very enchanting canyon in the river which is right in Guwang Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. The flow of the Giwang river will end at Ketewel beach. Before becoming a tourist destination, the Beji Guwang canyon was a location for fishing for local residents. In addition, around this river there is the Beji Temple which has a water fountain that is used by local residents for drinking water and holy water for ceremonial purposes at the surrounding temples.

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati became popular after a photographer from Klungkung uploaded it on the internet. These exotic and captivating photos make many people curious to find out where the location is. In fact, it’s not too far from the tourist location of the famous Sukawati Art Market in Bali.

The location of the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon or the hidden canyon of the Guwang river is 15 km from the city of Gianyar or about 14 km from the city of Denpasar. The fastest route from Denpasar city via the Ida Bagus Mantra by pass arrives at the Ketewel village intersection then turns towards the Ketewel highway then onto the Guwang Raya road. Arriving at the Garuda statue, about 750 meters away, there is Pura Dalem with a large parking area and a vehicle parking area for further walking to the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati.

For tourists who are visiting Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang for the first time, it is best to use the services of a guide from local residents or people who have experience along the Guwang river. To arrive at the canyon location, you have to take a 700 meter route down a river that has slippery rocks. Without a guide, tourists will be confused about finding routes or roads that can be passed or not to get to the canyon location.

  • It is better to travel to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang during the dry season, if the rainy season the river flow is very heavy so that the level of difficulty is higher to get to the location.
  • Visiting hours are recommended in the morning around 09.00 if you want to visit the three existing canyons. If it’s too late in the evening the route starts to get dark and getting back to the parking lot is very difficult even though you don’t need to go along the river anymore, but through the rice fields.
  • The hidden canyon of Beji Guwang is an area that is sacred to local residents, so it is advisable to behave and dress modestly. And always maintain cleanliness by not littering.
  • There are lots of food and drink stalls selling affordable prices around the parking lot, so you don’t have to bother carrying lots of supplies.
  • The clothes worn are shorts, T-shirts and it is advisable to use special water shoes.
  • To capture the moment of the trip it is recommended to bring a cellphone and an action camera (go-pro)
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