Bingin Beach

Bingin is a magnificent beach with unrivaled views of the Indian Ocean and a fantastic wave that makes it one of the most sought-after surfing spots in Bali and around the world.
The five-star wave here is large, powerful, and difficult. It has the ability to arouse and fascinate the adrenaline of all surfers, particularly experienced and professional surfers.
Despite being a short distance from the parking area, walking down to the beach has never been easier, thanks to improved access

Things To Know Before Visit Bingin Beach

  • Bingin Beach is located in the South of Bali, in the Pecatu Village. It is only 30 minutes from Denpasar Airport and less than 10 minutes to Uluwatu Temple, one of the stunning tourist destinations of Bali Island.
    Bingin is also situated close to the other famous surfing points such as Padang-Padang, Impossible and Dreamland within swimming distance as well as Uluwatu, Suluban, and Balangan. Most of these can even be walked to and from during a beautiful low tide.
    Walking along the then exposed coral riff is a breathtaking experience.


There are many accommodations at affordable prices ranging from hotels, guesthouses, homestays to villas. Some of these accommodations are Suara Ombak, Bingin Family Bungalows, Bingin Garden and Taman Asih Homestay. The distance of the inn is quite close to Bali’s Bingin Beach, making it easier for you to be able to enjoy the beauty of the charm of Bali’s Bingin Pecatu Beach.

– Warung and Café

You will find it easy to find a variety of food choices around the beach, ranging from seafood, Balinese culinary, archipelago and western food. The price offered is also quite affordable.

– Surfboard and Snorkeling Rentals

You don’t need to bother bringing the equipment from home, you can rent all the equipment you need at this beach.

It’s free, it’s just that you need to pay for vehicle parking IDR 2,000 (motorcycle) and IDR 5,000 (car)

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